Wednesday, April 05, 2017

where can you invest £1000

investment idea of the day

Tesla led by E Musk is going all in for EV. Tesla’s shares
stood at $278.30 beginning of April, up 30 per cent from the beginning of the
year. Its Bringing this quarter the M3, aimed at a mass market audience. the
Model 3 is expected to have a price tag of about $35,000, less than half as
expensive as the Model S sedan or the Model X crossover SUV.

BMW is putting up stiff competition and this will benefit
the technology and ultimately the consumers. As more players come in and invest
and more discussion take place customers become comfortable with things like
range anxiety.

Around half million customers have placed a £1,000 deposit
on the Model 3. Tesla expects to be in a position to produce around 5,000 Model
3 per week towards the end of this year. It’s still possible to make the
deposit toward your future M3 which is a good investment.

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