Wednesday, October 10, 2007

iranian reporter arrested

A reporter of Iranian English TV network 'Press TV' was arrested by the US security forces Sunday night in Kabul when he was returning home from office.
Faez Khurshid was freed after 18 hours while having bruises on the face.

This is the first time that an Iranian citizen is actually detained and the matter has come to media, US officials and intelligence has accused iran of middling in Afghanistan. The US has accused Iranian revolutionary guard of supporting anti-american elements in Afghanistan.


Iranian citizens are not very welcomed by US officials to Afghanistan, some are put under surveillance, US funded projected are strictly forbidden to hire Iranian nationals.

Among 18000 foreign labour in Afghanistan, which are registered with the afghan government, some are Iranian, some are running private businesses while others work for international companies or UN.

Iranians working for UN has reported harassment and surveillance, one Iranian national working for UN was questioned by American embassy a couple of months ago which was released immediately after UN intervention.

Top NATO commander’s personal interpreter who is of Iranian origin was charged with espionage for Iran a month ago.